Light Up Newtons Cradle

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Light Up Newtons Cradle

See The Beauty Of Science Portrayed By These Colorful Light Up Newtons Cradle

Looking for a scientific toy for your future young scientist? If you are looking for a fun yet educational toy for your kids, our LED Light Up Newtons Cradle is just the item you are looking for.

Our unique newton's cradle is entertaining yet serves an educational purpose at the same time which makes it the perfect. Letting the balls cradle back and forth as you conserve momentum and energy through it is definitely fun and satisfying to watch. Illuminating LEDs change colors inside the glass spheres of newton balls creating a wonderful effect and representation of Isaac Newton’s Third Law of Motion. Even with the lights turned off, you will get to see the beauty of science portrayed by these newtons cradle balance balls. An exquisite decoration that can be placed in house, school or office etc.

A Perfect Educational Toy For The Young Scientists Out There!


  • FASCINATING TO WATCH: When one ball on the end of newton's cradle is lifted and released, the resulting force travels through the line and pushes the last ball outward. The base of the newton balls has a luminous plate, projected onto the glass beads, glass beads showing colorful color. Powered by 4 x AA batteries (Not Included).

  • NO MORE BORING, PLAIN NEWTON’S CRADLES: This newtons cradle balance ball includes steel balls, plastic frames, and base. These balls are equipped with each frosted glass sphere with LED. It can change the color of the ball itself when it is opened. Glowing newton balls look more dazzling at night. Easy and convenient to use.

  • LEARNING IS MORE FUN: This light up cradle is a perfect way for kids to learn about conservation of momentum and energy. They are great for psychology, science and physics classrooms and are also great for kids with ADHD or autism. It also makes a great present for decorating an office. 

  • MULTI-FUNCTION: This newtons cradle not only demonstrates a pendulum but also demonstrate Newton's law of conservation of momentum and energy. Friction and damping effects are also observed in newton balls. A great teaching tool, in addition to being fun to watch. 
  • Size: 12 x 12 x 9cm