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Portable Electric Transfer Pump

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Safely & Effortlessly Move Liquids With This Portable Electric Transfer Pump!

Transferring liquid out of a drum can be a pain, isn’t it? With our Portable Electric Transfer Pump, you can pump gas, water, oil and other non-corrosive liquids at a rate of 5-6 quarts/minute.

Portable Electric Transfer Pump Helps to Transfer Any Non-corrosive Liquids So That You Can Smoothly Move Liquids Without a Mess


  • EFFORTLESS LIQUID TRANSFER: This liquid transfer pump pumps up to 6 quarts of liquid per minute. Great for pumping any non-corrosive liquids such as gas, water (non-drinking), oil and other liquids. Ideal for thousands of uses around the home, garage, aquariums, basement, bathroom, shop etc.

  • AUTO-STOP SENSOR MECHANISM WITH BUZZER: The transfer pump warns when it is at capacity, protecting from leaks and liquid overflow. It sounds when the pump automatically stops. It eliminates the lifting of large, heavy, gas cans and spilling wasted fuel.

  • SIMPLE POWER SWITCH: Switch on and you're ready to go. Just dip the end into the water and press the on switch, and this will draw liquids through the pipe and pump it out of the hose. 

  • CORDLESS: It requires two D size batteries (not included). With simple twist off mechanism, insert the batteries and the lightweight pump ready to work.