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Olive Oil Sprayer

Say No To Accidental Spills With The Ultimate Oil Sprayer!

Do you want to have a precise amount of liquid in your food? If you are tired of accidentally spilling too much oil in your food then this stainless steel oil sprayer is just for you. This oil sprayer is a must-have for your kitchen, allows you to control the amount of oil while cooking. No more oil soaked meals! You can fill yours with your favorite oils or salad dressings!

Olive Oil Sprayer Helps To Control Liquid Pouring Quantity Very Easily So You Can Control Liquid Pouring Quantity Effortlessly


  • The oil sprayer ensures full use of olive oil, much better and more convenient than using a brush.
  • The oil sprayer helps to control the amount of olive oil used in cooking to avoiding wastage.
  • With the push-button, you can control oil/vinegar pouring quantity very easily.
  • Perfect for spraying ingredients when roasting, sauteing, baking or cooking.
  • Oil comes out in a fine mist; no dangerous chemical is needed for spraying.
  • Versatile product - not only for olive oil but also put soy sauce, vinegar in it.
  • Pour your favorite oil, vinegar, lime juice and use it easily while cooking.
  • The oil sprayer is lightweight, can carry it everywhere and easy to clean.
  • Entrance is large enough to pour liquid easily into the bottle.
  • Made of food grade, odorless and non-toxic material.