Pasta Express

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Pasta Express

Cook, Strain & Drain The Most Delicious Pasta With Pasta Express!

Love eating pasta but hate the pain of cooking it? Now enjoy perfect pasta with Pasta Express. The innovative pasta express uses thermal conductivity to keep pasta cooking at the perfect temperature.

It ensures ideal pasta - every time. It doesn’t only cook pasta. Excellent for cooking nutritious peas, broccoli, asparagus, shrimp and more. Even hot dogs! All without boiling away all the precious vitamins and minerals they contain. The portable design helps you to take it with you on camping trips, boating or in your RV. Enjoy your favorite foods outside of the kitchen. Make the most delicious pasta that will make everyone ask for more with our Pasta Express.

Pasta Express Helps To Cook Your Pasta At The Perfect Temperature So You Can Ensure Ideal Pasta Every Time


  • COMPREHENSIVE SOLUTION: You love cooking but do not have much time in the kitchen? Pasta Express is the best solution for you. Solve all the problems you meet when cooking pasta. This pasta express is also great for vegetables, shrimp, hot dogs, sausages and more.

  • HIGH-QUALITY: The revolutionary thermal lid of the pasta express keeps the water at the perfect cooking temperature. The non-stick surface ensures no more hard to clean pasta residue. Non-toxic, lightweight, reusable. Easy to wash and store. 

  • FOOD STORAGE JAR: Perfect for storing dry food. It can be used as a tall pasta canister, noodle and spaghetti jar, rice container, cereal jar, nuts container, flour, and sugar container.

  • SIMPLE TO USE: This pasta express works in 3 easy steps: cook, strain, and drain. It cooks up to 2 servings in 10 to 20 minutes.