Patio Misting System

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Patio Misting System

Say Goodbye to Refrigeration Systems & Fight Against Heat Waves Efficiently & Naturally With Patio Misting System

Are you worried about a possible heat wave again this summer? Would you like to find a simple and natural way to stay calm? Here is the solution to your problem: Patio Misting System.

Whether it's a heat wave or just the normal summer heat, it's not always easy to find a cool spot in high-temperature seasons. Make sure you always have a cool and cool place by installing the misting system. These outdoor misters will help you keep any outdoor area naturally cool and can reduce the ambient temperature. The patio misting system is perfect for next summer - also great for barbecues, long summer nights, outdoor events, sunbathing and sporting activities.

A Simple & Practical Tool to Always Have a Cool Place Effortlessly!


  • DESIGNED FOR UNLIMITED USE: The fine misting nozzles of the misting system are made of brass bodies. The nozzle used American precision punching device, about 0.3mm, well-made. Stainless steel spray sheet is processed by advanced forging technology, strong durability.

  • OUTDOOR COOLING MIST SYSTEM: Patio misting system is simple, has sufficient atomization. The nozzle can be completely atomized by the pressure of the tap water, and the effect of using the high-pressure water pump is better. This series of nozzles does not require air assistance.

  • EASY TO USE: It includes all clips and fasteners, which can be used anywhere. This misting system is very simple - just fit the nozzle into an outdoor water faucet and then fix it where you want. Energy, water and time-saving.

  • SPRAY A FINE MIST: It has inlaid stainless steel core guide vanes. The liquid forms a centrifugal vortex in the guide vanes, spray tiny open-core type particles from the jet hole.

  • VERSATILE: Patio misting system can be widely used in factory humidification, cooling, disinfection, dustfall, landscaping, salt fog test, and other artificial fog.