Pearly headphones

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Pearly headphones

Enjoy listening to an orchestra for hours with Play Pearls..

No need to go to an Opera house to enjoy this orchestra, no need to dress up to fit in the beautiful and elegant setting, no need to wear tux or gowns or real pearls for that matter.. Just wear the PLAY PEARLS Necklace with built in Bluetooth Headset and you are all set for music festival fun wherever you are..!

This lightweight headset has HD sound quality, and the shape memory alloy headphone with simple 3 button operation. The Red button has built in microphone, the Blue button with a single click plays and stops music, answers or hangs up calls, double click makes a phone call and you can press and hold for 2 seconds for Power on and press and hold for 3 seconds for Power off. The crystal clear button is LED for status mark LED and the big Black button adjusts the volume and plays the next song ..

Get PLAY PEARL ..It's True freedom for music the music lover like you deserves to enjoy..


  • Play Pearl necklace has Voice Over LTE with support for HD sound quality calls (*when supported by Terminal equipment and communication companies).
  • An Incoming call will voice prompt and close the Bluetooth connection.
  • Ringtone reminders when receiving SMS(*Only limited to Android terminal equipment).
  • Multiple connections( up to 2 BT machines can be connected at the same time and can be used).
  • Support Mute function in Microphone calls.
  • Supports voice prompts function(remaining battery level, Bluetooth connection status, power).
  • Automatic reconnection(after the initial connection).