Portable Weekly Pill Organizer

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Portable Weekly Pill Organizer

Never Forget Taking Your Medicines Again With The Portable Weekly Pill Organizer!

Forgetting to take your pills timely? Keep it handy with the portable weekly pill organizer. Safely keep your medicines - every pill has its place for the entire week.

Portable Weekly Pill Organizer Helps To Organize Your Medicine & Vitamins Conveniently For Each Day Of The Week!


  • NEVER MISS A DOSAGE: Take the guesswork out of taking medication! The portable pill organizer has seven portable trays. It’s divided into four compartments for each time of a day; Morning, Noon, Evening, Bed. You can monitor whether you have taken your medication with ease.

  • EASY TO USE & MAINTAIN: Easily slide out the tray you need for the day and the next day's tray automatically drops into place. Once you're done with the tray, fill it back up with your pills and vitamins. Each tray of the portable pill organizer is removable and easy to clean.

  • TRANSPARENT LIDS: Lids in weekly pill organizer are transparent, labeled with days and time thus eliminating any confusion. A see-through design let you see each compartment without opening.

  • WELL-DESIGNED FOR TRAVELLING: This smart pill box is light enough to slip into a bag. Store in your kitchen or on your bathroom counter. It can be taken with you to work, school, vacation, etc.

  • SAFE: The portable pill organizer is non-toxic, not harmful. You will be able to fit all your pills and supplements into this pill organizer easily. 
Package Includes:
  • 1 x Portable Weekly Pill Organizer