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Polarized Sunglasses with Adjustable Brightness

A Comfortable Yet Stylish Polarized Shades!

Are you into other outdoor activities? Want eye protection or vision enhancements? Our Polarized Sunglasses with Adjustable Brightness is the perfect polarized sunglasses for the comfort of your eyes!

Polarized Sunglasses with Adjustable Brightness Lets You Adjust the Darkness of Your Shades and Stay Comfortable All the Time!


  • PERFECT POLARIZED EFFECT WITH ADJUSTABLE BRIGHTNESS: LCD-equipped polarized sunglasses offer excellent UV protection and fit for every activity. You can intensively adjust its brightness according to the sunlight. Seven levels to adjust the transparency of the sunglasses to see details with confidence. 

  • IDEAL FOR OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES: Our polarized sunglasses has a unique design and offers colors to give a very stylish look. You can use polarized sunglasses flawlessly for all year round. Perfect for driving, fishing, golf, watersports, and any outdoor activities where you need to protect your eyes and see clearly. 

  • INCREDIBLE BATTERY LIFE: The polarized sunglasses have excellent battery life with power saving feature. It uses CR927 lithium batteries. 1000 hours of use with an automatic shutdown of energy saving functions.

  • LIGHTWEIGHT FRAMES: These glasses are lightweight, strong, and super durable. Nonslip nose pads and ear rests keep these shades snug on your face, even while running, bending over, or jostling.