Pet Poopie Scoopie

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Pet Poopie Scoopie

Make The Poop Scooping Job Easier With Pet Poopie Scoopie.

Want a poop scooper to scoop waste without bending? The Pet Poopie Scoopie provides excellent reach to collect waste quickly without bending and touching waste.

Pick Up Messes Without Squishing Or Smearing With The Scooper


  • STURDY QUALITY: Quality material ensures your device will last. The dog poop scooper is made of premium grade, lightweight material. Sharp, jagged teeth give you ultimate control over your scooping abilities. Heavy-duty spring won't fall open until you want to drop the waste into a bin.

  • SUPPORTS DISTANT HANDLING: The pet poopie scoopie is 60cm in length provides excellent reach and helps eliminate bending and touching waste. Wide scoop with a big enough capacity to handle the largest amount of waste. Suitable to use on any surface like gravel, cement, grass or snow. 

  • NO MORE BENDING & MESSES: The handle offers less bending, leaning, and back pain! Long handle keeps your face, hands, and nose away from messes and odors! Perfect dog poop scooper for dog walks, cleaning up your backyard, or when traveling.

  • PRACTICAL & CONVENIENT: Lightweight dog poop scooper and easy to use. The ergonomic handle provides a comfortable grip. It folds in the center of the handle, compact and easy to store. The non-stick shovel is easy to clean, quick rinse.