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iPhone Breathalyzer

Save Yours Or Your Loved One's Life With This iPhone Breathalyzer!

Do you want to keep your loved ones safe and control their alcohol habit? With this iPhone Breathalyzer, know the alcohol level anytime & anywhere and avoid any accidents while driving.

iPhone Breathalyzer Helps To Detect Alcohol Level Efficiently So You Can Save The Most Precious Thing In The World Called Life


  • SIMPLE TO USE: The iPhone breathalyzer has an intelligent humanized display that shows three modes; Normal, Caution & Danger. LCD digital display makes the detection intuitive and effective. Quickly and accurately screens for the presence of alcohol in the blood.

  • THE MOST ACCURATE & RELIABLE RESULTS EVERY TIME: The iPhone breathalyzer has a unique probe that can effectively distinguish interference smoke, cola, coffee, and other non-alcoholic gas. Insert hygienic mouthpiece, blow and check the reading.

  • HI-TECH PRECISION INSTRUMENT: The smartphone breathalyzer uses a new gas detection technology that can more accurately detect the alcohol content of the gas. Conduct a complete blood alcohol test procedure in 30 seconds or less. 

  • AVOID DRINK DRIVING CHARGES: It provides premium accuracy for personal use. Have one in the car and one at work to be always prepared. Avoid the extreme cost and inconvenience of being charged for drink driving offenses. 

  • DESIGNED FOR SMART USERS: The smartphone breathalyzer needs direct access to the iPhone/Android device to work properly. Compatible with iPod, iPad and other Android devices.