Portable Nebulizer

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Portable Nebulizer

Get Quick Relief From All Breathing Problems With Portable Nebulizer!

Are you tired of your breathing problems? Now forget about the struggle of breathing and breathe clearly and easily with this Portable Nebulizer. The nebulizer is a simple and easy solution that can instantly clear up your sinuses and give you back your ability to take deep, full breaths with zero struggle


The Best Equipment For Asthma, Bronchitis, Emphysema And Other Lung Illness!


  • ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY: This portable nebulizer has a single-button operation. It can adjust the steam control and turns off automatically when treatment finishes. Its embedded rechargeable battery lower costs for long-term use. Micro USB power cable is included. You can charge it quickly within 1 hour. It can be used up to 6 treatments for a single charge.

  • EASY TO USE: Operates without making any noise. It’s lower than 30dB while working, as quiet as a library. The portable nebulizer can be used for 10-15 minutes for better results. Very easy and simple to use. It’s a lightweight and portable nebulizer. It automatically shuts down after 10 minutes of no use.

  • CE APPROVED & SAFE TO USE: This device has been clinically tested to ensure safety. The nebulizer is made of medical grade and long-lasting materials. Moreover, it has patented ultrasonic mesh technology that helps to reduce all kinds of breathing problem easily.

  • SAY NO TO SICKNESS: The nebulizer provides vapor therapy for common colds, flu, cough, bronchitis, and other breathing ailments. It can maximize the benefits by adding essential oils, salt or even your prescribed respiratory medication into the water.

  • UNIVERSAL: This nebulizer is suitable for all age groups. It can be used by both kids and adults. Also, it’s convenient to use. Its compact size is perfect for storage or travel.


  • Overall Dimension: 36.7 mm W x 36.7 mm D x 97.7 mm H
  • Weight: 100g
  • Medication Cup Capacity:10 ml
  • Voltage: DC 4.8 V / DC 5.0V with USB cable