Portable Seat

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Portable Seat

Portable Seat - Dynamic Seating Solution To Use & Bring With You Everywhere

Do you want a safe, compact and easy seating to be brought with you everywhere? Our Portable Seat will be your third leg in still and long situations like waiting in line, being at a concert, camping outdoors, etc. The sitpack quickly assemble and create a comfortable seat. The compact and durable portable seat fits easily in your backpack, carry-on luggage, pouch or just in your hand. When you need to slightly rest your legs keep the seat at a higher level and lean against it. The sitpack is also adjustable so it will fit your height. A truly universal seating device that simply works.

A Sleek, Portable & Functional Seating Device To Add Joy & Convenience To Your Life


  • Portable seat supports leaning posture that encourages a hip-to-torso range of 130 to 135 degrees which provides less pressure on your spine.
  • Soft, durometer rubber foot of the sitpack keeps users stabilized on non-slip, indoor surfaces, on grass, concrete pavements, dirt, turf, etc.
  • The same size as 50cl can when collapsed and folded, extend or collapse the sitpack in just a few seconds.
  • Collapsible and compact design of sitpack offer great portability to carry anywhere you go.
  • Great portable seat for outdoor events like hiking, theme parks, concerts, and camping.
  • Portable seat is made of sturdy but lightweight glass fiber reinforced polycarbonate.
  • Height adjustable portable seat, fit all sizes, good for back and blood flow.