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Projection Alarm Clock

An Innovative & Multi-functional Alarm Clock To Project The Time Onto The Roof Of Your Room!

Are you a technology lover? Do you want a unique alarm clock to start your day? Get rid of your old boring alarm clock and uplift your room and décor with this functional Projection Alarm Clock. This LED projection clock supports display the current time and temperature and report via voice. It can also project the accurate time to your ceiling, wall, etc. You can clearly project the time on your wall and always see it clearly. Projection alarm clock allows you to set up to selectable alarm tones with 10min snooze features. This projection clock also features chime functions to know the time without looking at it. You could put it everywhere such as studying room, bedroom, desks. Projector, alarm and modern design are making this projection alarm clock a no-brainer!

Projection Alarm Clock Offers Versatility & Ultimate Options To Satisfy Your Sleeping & Every Day Needs


  • Chime Time Keeping: Projection alarm clock features dual chime function, you will know what the hour is simply by listening to the sound: CHIME 1 - Every Hour; CHIME 2 - Only From 7AM-9PM, can be turned off during night hours.
  • Snooze: The projection alarm clock has snooze function, in the morning you can have a 10-minute snooze to get that extra rest time but still making sure you get where you need to be on time.
  • Voice Talking Function: This feature of projection clock allows you to be told the time while you are getting ready so you don't have to stop and check the time yourself.
  • Five Memorable Melodies: In order for you to wake up every morning you can select from five different tones from the projection alarm clock that will make the morning easier.
  • Time & Temperature Display: You can check the time and the temperature with green backlight display of projection alarm clock.
  • Projection Feature: This projection clock projects the accurate time for up to 10 seconds with a projecting angle 90 degrees adjustable.
  • Power: This projection clock runs on 3 x AAA batteries (Not Included).