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Mini Raclette Cheese Melter

Mini Raclette Cheese Melter - Enjoy Tasty & Flavorful Cheesy Meal With Ease

Are you a crazy cheese lover? Make all kind of cheesy meal easily with Mini Cheese Raclette. You can melt all kind of cheese including raclette. This cheese melter is fun and simple to use.

The partyclette to go makes it possible have a raclette party anytime, anywhere. Simply heat the cheese melter by a candle and slide the cheese out with a spatula. The non-stick coating of the raclette cheese melter makes it easy to serve the melted cheese without any mess. Spread the melted cheese over pieces of bread, potatoes, gherkins, pickled onions, and dried meats quickly with this amazing Mini Cheese Raclette.

Spread The Love Of Cheese To Everyone Everywhere With Mini Raclette Cheese Melter


  • PERFECT CHEESE BAKING TRAY: This cheese melter is not limited to raclette cheese. You can melt any types of cheese in it. Take your melted cheese on the go with this portable mini cheese raclette.

  • CONVENIENT & DURABLE: Built from sturdy metal and it comes with a rectangular plate that doubles as a serving tray. The cheese melter has a foldable design. It is portable and easy to store.

  • SIMPLE & ELEGANT: This cheese melter can be heated by a candle, cordless, no lighter fluid required. Transform your favorite cheese into melty magnificence in less than 40 seconds!

  • LARGE GRIP: The cheese melter has an ergonomic handle. It ensures easy and safe usage. This raclette will evenly melt your cheese to maximum cheesy goodness.

  • NON-STICK SURFACE: The raclette cheese melter has a non-stick coating so sliding the cheese out is easy. Now discover a fun and delicious raclette with this portable grill.