Hand Crank Radio Flashlight

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Hand Crank Radio Flashlight

Hand Crank Radio Flashlight - A Compact Radio & Powerful LED Flashlight

Dark? Lost contact with the outside world? Being stick in a blackout? Don't worry! Hand Crank Radio Flashlight helps you solve all the problems. The hand crank radio helps you make a disaster preparedness plan. When you are in the dark or in a bad environment, this solar powered radio can ensure your family's safety. The crank radio flashlight features AM and FM weather band radio, keeping the user well-informed and prepared. Hand crank radio is equipped with a powerful three-LED flashlight to aid during power interruptions. Convenient solar powered radio for you to carry for camping, backpacking, hiking or any other outdoor activities and emergency situations.

An Ideal Multi-functional Radio For Emergency Situations & Severe Weather Conditions


  • Solar Charge: hand crank to wind up internal alternator of the solar powered radio, expose to sunlight to charge by the solar panel.
  • Power Bank: 300mAh battery of the hand crank radio provides temporary power bank for phone charging.
  • Powerful 3-LED Flashlight: 5000 lux of the hand crank radio ensures bright light.
  • Battery Power: The crank radio flashlight can be powered by 3xAAA batteries.
  • USB Charge: DC recharge by connecting the mini USB cable to a computer.
  • Portable: Compact and lightweight crank radio flashlight.