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Transformers RC Car

Now Transform A Fighting Robot Into A Exciting Car & Amaze Your Child With This 2 In 1 Action Figure Toy!

Do you want to surprise your kids with a cool toy? With our fantastic Transformers RC Car, your child can watch it transform from a robot into a car in seconds with just one push of a button!

This remote control transformer car is ready to take action and defend the bad guys. This detailed transformer remote control car drives just like the real thing. With the push of a button, this fighting robot turns into an entirely new toy. It features cool flashing lights and an awesome paint job. This transforming bot boasts 360° speed drifting action. Grab the controller and your robot will get ready to rumble. With more ways to play, this toy will keep young kids occupied for hours. This remote control transformer car is sure to provide hours of enjoyment for RC drivers big and small.

An Awesome & Cool Rc Car To Gift Your Child Unlimited Fun & Excitement!


  • STRONG REMOTE CONTROL: The remote controller of RC car has toggles for forward/reverse, left/right, vehicle mode, and robot mode. The remote controller is powered by 2 x AA batteries.

  • ONE BUTTON TRANSFORMATION: It transforms automatically from car to robot when you hit the button on the remote control. Transforms back and forth easily. 

  • REALISTIC ENGINE SOUND: It includes exciting engine/acceleration sounds which are quite awesome. Also, there are LED headlights that looks pretty cool.

  • HIGH SPEED DRIFTING: It has 4 smooth wheels and features a 360-degree speed drifting action. It can turn flexibly in both robot model and car shape.

  • SUPERIOR QUALITY MATERIAL: It is made of high quality and non-toxic ABS material. The car is powered by 3 x AA batteries. It is flexible and durable.


  • Size: Car- 23 x 9.5 x 5.5 cm, Robots- 17 x 15 x 18.5 cm