Remote Control Cockroach

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Remote Control Cockroach

Prank With People & Scare the Hell Out of Them With This Remote Control Cockroach!

Want to add fun for everyone and spooky for others in your party? Our Remote Control Cockroach can be your next party stopper to prank your loved ones.

It’s a highly realistic looking, perfect in every detail remote control cockroach. The remote control cockroach needs six button batteries to operate. The eyes can glow. Moreover, it can move backward, right, left and forward. If you have a great sense of humor, then this remote control cockroach is for you cause. It is a perfect remote control cockroach toy to scare people and perform joke on them!

A Perfect Remote Control Cockroach Toy for All Prank Lovers!


  • REALISTIC DESIGN: The eyes of the remote control cockroach can glow like a real cockroach. It can move backward, right, left and forward with manual control. The remote control’s distance must be less than 10m. Playtime is 10-15 minutes. 

  • FUN & UNIQUE: Scare your friends, relatives or even yourself with this remote control cockroach. Its simulation of insect form creates horror and nausea. It’s suitable for Halloween games.

  • GREAT GIFT: This remote control cockroach can crawl like a real cockroach by its feet. It’s a perfect gift for your kids or pets, Halloween prank, Christmas gift or April-fools' day trick.

  • POWER SUPPLY: It requires 6 x button batteries for cockroach and remote control. Just open the ON/OFF switch on its body and put your hands on the remote control transmitter.