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Music Rubik's Cube

Exercise Your Brain & Improve Memory With This Flexible Music Rubik's Cube

Want to enjoy Rubik's game in a fun way? Our Music Rubik's Cube comes with music & lights effects and flexible & various movement modes to make your game more interesting.

Music Rubik's Cube Helps to Improve Your Dexterity Skills & Reduce Stress So That You Can Enjoy Hours of Enjoyable Gameplay


  • DIFFERENT GAME MODES: This Rubik's cube has four game modes with different level and limit. (I) Speed mode lets you match the colored block to the lights. It gets faster and faster after every level. (II) The Level mode is played by sliding and twisting the blocks to match the lights. (III) While the Memory mode challenges your memory skills by remembering light sequences and repeating the moves. (IV) And the Multiplayer mode allows you to play with an opponent and solve the puzzle together.

  • DEVELOP SKILLS: Playing this Rubik's cube will not only take away your stress but at the same time, train your hand-eye coordination and patience. Plus, it’ll improve your problem-solving ability. With the 4 level feature, you can train your memory, reactions, and fast thinking.

  • SIMPLE TO LEARN: This Rubik's cube is easy to learn. No difficult formulas needed. Just flip and slide the blocks of the Rubix cube online game. Nearly everyone can play and it’s perfect for parties, family bonding, and relaxation after work.

  • DURABLE TO PLAY WITH: This Rubik's cube is made of high-quality plastic, safe and non-toxic. Lightweight, 2 x AA battery-operated (not included). Easily fits the palm of your hand, you can take it wherever you go.

  • LIGHTS & SOUND EFFECTS: This Rubik's cube uses lights and sounds for a whole new level of fun. Both adults and kids will enjoy playing this addicting Rubix cube online game.

  • GREAT GIFT: Know a puzzle enthusiast or Rubik’s cube fanatic? This Rubik's cube is the perfect gift for them. It will keep them up for hours.