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Salad Shaker Container

Enjoy Eating Fresh Salad Anytime and Anywhere!

Do you want to eat green and stay healthy? Our Salad Shaker Container is an ideal solution for you. It is perfect for anyone who is health conscious and always on the move!

The see-through salad container lets you see the contents while keeping them fresh. It even comes with a fork attached to the cup too so no need to ever look for one ever again. You can separate your dressing/condiment in the smaller container so your food does not get soggy. This salad container is perfect for school, offices, outings, picnics, and more. It will fit easily into your car’s cup holder, or stuffed into the bottle holder slot in your backpack.

Salad Shaker Container Helps to Keep Your Salad Fresh for a Long Time So You Can Say No to Soggy Salad and Start Eating Fresh


  • A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE: To lose weight fast and have a healthy lifestyle carry your healthy salad wherever you go using this salad container. It is perfect for schools, offices, outings, picnics and beach. You can take it just anywhere. This salad lunch container fits in most lunch bags easily. You can carry salad or fruits according to your preference.

  • INNOVATIVE DESIGN: The easy salad container helps to keep salad or fruits fresh, cool and crisp. It has an easy grab fork and ergonomic design. Also, it has a 2 ounce container that holds dressing, dips and more. Fits in your car cup holder or bottle holder slot in your backpack.

  • LIGHTWEIGHT & COMPACT: The salad container has a fork that slides into a slot. Easily pack and eat meals at work, school, or on the go. This salad container is ideal for salads, pasta or leftovers. Easy to toss in your purse or backpack.

  • FOOD GRADE CONSTRUCTION: This salad lunch container is made of high-quality plastic material. It’s eco-friendly, BPA free and FDA approved. Durable and easy to clean salad container. Dishwasher safe.