Samurai Umbrella

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Samurai Umbrella

A Unique Umbrella To Be Your Armour During This Rainy Season

Do you want a stylish yet sturdy to protect you from unpleasant weather? Our finely crafted Samurai Umbrella is the perfect accessory for you to protect yourself from rain and sun in samurai way.

The samurai used katana as the main way to protect themselves, while a shower of attacks came towards them. You can protect yourself from the shower of rain with this unique umbrella with a katana handle. This umbrella comes with a bag and sling, so you can hold onto it, and pull it out to fight against the harsh rains that come your way. It’s made of durable material, protects you from the sun, rain, and wind. The carrying case of the windproof umbrella is designed like a sword pouch. Wear it around your back or side, makes it easy to be on the go.

A Must-have Accessory To Protect You From Windy, Rainy & Sunny Days


  • SLEEK SAMURAI SWORD HANDLE: The plastic handle of the umbrella has the look and texture of a samurai sword handle. The carrying strap of this windproof umbrella has the appearance of a Japanese sword.

  • WEATHERPROOF: Our Samurai umbrella will defend you from a mean rainstorm. It has a black coating panel, perfect for UV protection. 

  • CONVENIENT TO USE: This unique umbrella is easy to open and close in confined spaces, unlike traditional umbrellas.

  • FINEST QUALITY: Strong all-steel frame windproof umbrella, beautiful and durable.