Scary Crawling Doll

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Scary Crawling Doll

Scare the Hell Out of People With This Scary Crawling Doll!

Want to make your Halloween party unforgettable? Bring fear and terror to your Halloween decorations with this Scary Crawling Doll.

These Halloween props will freak out your guests with its hauntingly glowing eyes and long hair. It’ll make her way across your floor while making scary noises. Something they will never forget!

Scary Crawling Doll Helps to Freak Out Your Guests So You Can Double Your Halloween Excitements!


  • SCARY & CREEPY: These scary Halloween decorations would be incomplete without the creepiest illuminating eyes you’ve ever seen. The hungry doll will scare away anyone that tries to play a trick on you. Its realistic looking hair and crawling action with scary screaming sound will make you scared.

  • WIDELY USED: These are perfect for Halloween decorations garden, bar, ktv, haunted house, and all Halloween pranks. These Halloween props can be used as a Halloween decoration or toy. Also, it can be used for a haunted house or for a theme party.

  • EASY TO USE: These Halloween decorations are easy to use. It works with 3 AA batteries (batteries not included). When the crawling skeleton moves, it can scream with red lightened eyes and that sound sounds unbelievably real!

  • PREMIUM MATERIAL: These Halloween props are made with high-quality plastic, fabric and electronic component. It’s perfect for a Halloween party. Wonderful Halloween decorations in any holidays.