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Scratch Off Maps

Scratch Off The Map & Reveal A Vibrant World Of Geographical Detail Of Your Awesome Journey.

Do you want to record & track all the amazing places you have visited around the world? Then get this fantastic Scratch Off World Map and track your journeys. The world is full of beautiful destinations and amazing cultures just waiting to be explored, shared, and experienced. And for those with wanderlust, there’s no better way to capture each adventure than with a colorful Scratch Off World Map. Once scratched off, brilliant colors are revealed, along with mapping of famous roadways. You’ll also discover facts about some of the most treasured landmarks. A large, easy-to-scratch poster that reveals states, countries, and continents all over the world. You can mark that time you visited the Louvre in Paris, traveled to the Coliseum in Rome, or took the kids to see Yellowstone Park in Wyoming.

Scratch Off USA World Map - Get Out On The Road & Be Ready To Explore!

USA Edition:

  • Under the foil of the large scratch off USA map, you'll find even more details with the interstate highways to track your road tips, rivers, and other major cities.
  • Unique and authentic record of your journeys to hang on the wall, personalized map.
  • The scratch off USA map has foil top layer, featuring a subtle stars and stripes design.

World Edition:

  • The scratch off world map has a sleek and modern look, with extra geographical details such as land and ocean relief.
  • This scratch off world map has gold Layer with a black background and country flags to track your travel.