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Self Watering Pots

Take a Good Care of Your Lovely Plants With the Self Watering Pots!

Want to water your plants without any hassle? These Self Watering Pots will help you to take care of your lovely plants while you're away for vacation. Now nourish your lovely plants effortlessly.

The self-watering planters have double layer design that allows excess water to be stored in the bottom then provides to your plan as needed. It is perfect for home furnishing decoration, office, shopping malls and so on!

Self Watering Pots Help You to Water Your Plants Effortlessly So You Can Avoid the Watering Mess!


  • EASY PLANT CARE: Add simplicity to caring for your plants with these self-watering planters. Its double-layer design stores excess water in the bottom of the planter and nourishes your plant as needed. Perfect for travelers, vacationers and anyone with a busy lifestyle.

  • LONG-LASTING: Planter filled with water lasts up to 10 days without any further attention. The self-watering pots enable air circulation for healthier roots. It has removable inner pot. You can conveniently change the plants and flowers.

  • FITS ANY DECOR: The self-watering pots have modern black and white design. It complements any color scheme or home decor or office space. The self-watering planters are great for indoor or outdoor use.

  • DURABLE & SAFE: These self-watering planters are made of high-quality plastic material. It’s corrosion-resistance, sturdy and durable. Holes in the inner pot helps plants to breathe better.