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Pet Snuffle Mat

Give Your Pet a Fun Playtime With This Unique Pet Snuffle Mat!

Is your dog bored at home? Give him a fun playtime with this colorful Pet Snuffle Mat. It helps to engage your dog's sense of smell and improves digestive health. A must-have for every pet lover.

Pet Snuffle Mat Helps to Make Meal or Snack Times Last Longer So You Can Engage Your Dog's Sense of Smell & Improve Digestive Health


  • SLOW DOWN SPEEDY EATER: This snuffle mat makes meal or snack times last longer. It helps to engage your dog's sense of smell and improves digestive health. Also, this snuffle mat puts your dog’s nose and brain to work by mimicking the hunt for food in nature. Games for dogs make it easier for your pet to stay in a smaller area while still exerting mental energy.

  • RELEASE ANXIETY: Games for dogs help to relieve anxiety or distress. They can play without being too passive to engage their brains while playing on it. Secret the snack or small toy in the snuffle mat, then guide the dogs to find it out. It helps to avoid over-weight of your dog/cat. They also get fun in the foraging. It encourages their natural foraging skills.

  • ANTI-SLIP & WASHABLE MATERIAL: Anti-slip design prevents the mat from slipping away while our puppy forages their foods in the snuffle mat. The snuffle mat for dogs is sustainably handmade from upcycled polyester materials. It’s hand-wash and machine-wash friendly. So durable to be your dogs' lifetime loyal friends!

  • EXERCISE AT HOME: Inclement weather makes it harder to provide pets with physical activity. Our snuffle mat helps to expand the mental energy of your beloved dog at home. The snuffle mat for dogs helps to modify their behavior.

  • INTERACTIVE DOG TOYS: As games for dogs, our snuffle mat plays the game with your pets. So you can get your own leisure time. The snuffle mat is perfect for any breed, any age, any size, and all dogs.