Portable Solar Powered Charger

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Portable Solar Powered Charger

The Most Eco Friendly & Energy Saving Way To Charge Your Gadgets!

Are you looking for a convenient solution for charging your phone? Now get the most eco-friendly and energy saving way to charge your gadgets with this Portable Solar Powered Charger.

The solar power charger is designed to offer a continuous power supply for your electronics. The solar power bank is made of quality materials. Due to its high-tech stabilivolt design, no matter how the angle of sunlight changes, it can provide a stable power output. With no built-in battery, the Portable Solar Powered Charger is safe for long time exposure to sunlight. The solar-powered phone charger is suitable for outdoor activities like camping, fishing or hiking. It's also suitable for people who work outdoors for long hours. Such a convenient and practical solar power bank, to make your life a lot easier!

Portable Solar Powered Charger Helps To Charge Your Smartphone Effortlessly So You Can Stay Connected With The World All The Time


  • FOLDABLE & USER-FRIENDLY DESIGN: The solar power charger is constructed with nylon material. Durable and waterproof. It’s equipped with two hooks to hang anywhere. Moreover, It comes with a compact case for your smartphone. The portable solar charger can be folded like a wallet to carry easily. Great for camping, hiking, and other outdoor activities.

  • TIR-C TECHNOLOGY: Smart IC resets the solar power charger automatically to keep the device charged with the maximum output. It eliminates the hassle of repetitive plug and unplugs.

  • HIGH COMPATIBILITY: 5V/2A output, up to 10.5W under direct sunlight. Smart IC automatically detects and adapts to your USB powered devices. It’s compatible with iOS and Android system.

  • KEEP YOUR DEVICE SECURE: The solar power bank has buckle straps to keep your phone or power bank in the case. It helps to avoid accidental dropping or other damages.

  • HIGH ENERGY CONVERSION: The solar power bank utilizes solar energy and turns it into electricity cells up to 22%. It works even under low light level as 40000 Lux.