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Solder Sleeve

Solder Sleeve - A Professional Way to Connect Wires & Seal With Ease

Want a simple solution to connect two wires together? These waterproof Solder Sleeves are made to connect wires. Just heat these wire connectors and they will seal for a reliable connection.

Solder Sleeve Helps to Connect Wires So You Can Prevent Corrosion and Provide a Waterproof Seal to Your Wires


  • DUAL-WALLED DESIGN: These solder sleeves are made from premium quality polymer sleeve with hardened polyolefin walls on the outside and hot melt adhesive in inside. The heat shrink solder connectors protect splices from water and corrosion.

  • LONG-TERM PERFORMANCE: High quality and durable solder sleeve offer long-lasting use. It provides high tensile strength provided by heat shrink tubing. Perfect heat shrink solder connectors for marine, automobile, and outdoor applications.

  • ONE-STEP CONNECTION: Insert two wires inside the solder sleeve and heat to seal. Transparent heat shrink solder connectors for easy insertion of wires. Highly reliable 20 red solder sleeves; diameter 3.0 mm, cable cross-section 0.5-1.0 mm⊃2.

  • SOLID WIRE CONNECTION KIT: These heat shrink solder connectors for wire connection provide excellent waterproof sealing and protection from mechanical damage combined with anti-corrosion effect.