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Flexible Soldering Hands Tool

With Flexible Soldering Hands Tool, Finish Your Projects Faster Than Ever Before!

Do you want a flexible device to help free your hands up and make your work easier than ever before? Our Flexible Soldering Hands Tool effectively gives you 6 extra hands. Each arm is flexible and very mobile so it can be moved into almost any position. The arms of the helping hands tool are not only flexible but also firm so they don't wiggle or loosen up as you are working. These soldering helping hands are handy for grabbing a hold of small wiring and plates while soldering. Now you can set up and work on large soldering, electronics, jewelry making, hobby, arts and crafts projects and have 6 helping hands ready to get the job done.

A Perfect Helping Hands Device To Help You Produce Higher Quality Work & Work More Efficiently


  • This helping hands tool has six flexible arms each with a large swiveling alligator clip, removable, more stable, prevents overheating clips from falling.
  • The non-slip aluminum base of soldering helping hands is for welding, soldering, and quadcopter hobby crafts.
  • The soldering helping hands quickens soldering, electronics, and DIY projects, allowing you to finish your work faster. 
  • The removable feet of the soldering helping hands tool is for a stable standalone operation.
  • This third hand tool integrates perfectly with panavise vices and base mounts.
  • Silicon clip tips of the helping hands tool for the ultimate heat resistance.
  • This third hand tool makes positioning a breeze with six flexible arms.