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Easy Sushi Roll Maker

Master the Japanese Art Form of Sushi With Easy Sushi Roll Maker!

Do you love eating sushi? Now make gorgeously cylindrical sushi right in your own kitchen with our Easy Sushi Roll Maker. It is easier than ever. Perfect for Sushi Enthusiasts or Sushi Beginners.

Impress friends and family members with aesthetically pleasing and perfectly round sushi pieces by simply arranging your ingredients in the Roll before pushing the syringe to pop out your creation. Making Instagram-worthy meals has never been so easy!

Easy Sushi Roll Maker Helps to Make Sushi Quickly & Easily So You Can Enjoy Perfectly Hand Rolled Sushi Masterpieces at Home


  • AFFORDABLE SUSHI SOLUTION: Instead of spending all that money in an expensive Japanese restaurant, make your own sushi at home. The sushi maker is easy to prepare and more cost-effective. This easy-to-use sushi roll maker will help you make differently professionally shaped sushi rolls in no time. 

  • LOCK & LOAD: Making delicious sushi is now as easy as it gets. All you have to do is open the sushi roll maker. Load it with rice and other ingredients. Close it and squeeze out your finished sushi. This sushi maker is extremely easy to use.

  • A HEALTHY DIET CHOICE: If you’re looking to add a healthy option to your diet, you found it! Plus, all the parts of this sushi maker are made of food-grade ABS + PP materials. It’s BPA-free which means they are safe and healthy to use. 

  • DISHWASHER SAFE: The sushi roll maker is easy to clean after you done your great journey of sushi making. Just open and put in the dishwasher. Moreover, the sushi maker is lightweight and durable to use.

  • A UNIQUE GIFT IDEA: This sushi maker makes the ideal gift for a birthday, anniversary or housewarming party. This time get your friends something unique that they’ll enjoy for a very long time.