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Waterproof Swimming Baby Diaper

Let Your Baby Swim For As Long As They Can!

Don’t you want your baby to enjoy swimming as much as you do? With our adjustable Waterproof Swimming Baby Diaper, your little one won’t make pool dirty and can enjoy swimming just the way you do.

This is a reusable baby swim diaper that is adjustable from about 3 months to 3 years. The waterproof diaper comes off easily with less mess like a regular diaper. No poop down the legs like the pull-up type swim diapers. While playing in the sun this summer, don’t forget to keep the splash parks clean by using this diaper for your toddler. It’s also a great baby shower gift for any mother. Whether you're going on vacation to the beach with your baby, or going to swim lessons with your little one, this non-disposable baby swim diaper is the perfect choice for your little swimmer!

Waterproof Swimming Baby Diaper Helps your little one Swim Effortlessly Without Spoiling Pool Water


  • HAVE HAPPY SWIMMING TIME: The baby swim diaper has been designed to keep solids in the diaper and keep others safe from accidents. The waterproof diaper has elastics around the waist and legs that provide a secure, stretchy fit. It makes easy put on and off, also fit your baby properly and avoid leaking as well. 

  • WATERPROOF & STYLISH: It’s made from a premium soft, breathable, waterproof 100% PUL cloth fabric featuring cute original prints. So your little baby can swim in style while preventing mass pool evacuations from floaty friends. It helps to keep the pool safer cleaner and help kids relax & enjoy their splash time.

  • ONE SIZE DESIGN: The waterproof swimming diaper is fully adjustable according to your baby’s need. Simply adjust the button of the diaper according to the body size of your baby. Machine washable fits babies aged 0-3 years.

  • MESS FREE CLEANUP: The inside is an extremely soft premium Nylon mesh designed for easy washing and baby comfort. It let the liquid freely flow through, offers comfort against baby's sensitive skin. 

  • SAVE HUNDREDS: What's better than looking enviably-cute, money-saving diaper? Our reusable and washable swim diaper is long-lasting, very comfortable to wear.


  • Suitable Age & Weight: For babies weighing 3 - 15 kg, 6.5–32pounds
  • Dimensions of Inside: 35cm in length (13.77``) X 13.5cm in width (5.31``)