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Motion Sensor Trash Can

Throw Your Trash Quickly & Efficiently With This Smart Motion Sensor Trash Can

Do you want to improve your recycling experience? Enjoy ultimate convenience and hygiene with the Motion Sensor Trash Can. This durable automatic trash can has the most advanced sensor technology. No need to touch the lid – just move your hand toward the infrared sensor and the lid will open automatically. Three seconds after your hand moves away from the lid, it closes automatically. This motion sensor trash can has a sophisticated look that allows it to fit into any setting: kitchen, office, store, lobby, convalescent facility, school or just about anywhere. Avoid touch-contact with the germs and bacteria that live on trash can surfaces with this smart motion sensor trash can.

Keep Your Home & Office Hygienic With The Hassle-free Motion Sensor Trash Can



  • Just place the object or hand near the top of the sensing window (vertical direction) of the automatic trash can by 20cm, after about 0.5 seconds, the lid will open automatically; After 3 seconds, the lid will close again.

  • This motion sensor trash can has an automatic opening and closing cover control system composed of a microcomputer control chip, an infrared detector, a mechanical driving device, and linkage mechanism.

  • After the garbage in the barrel is full, you can remove the entire top lid and you can remove the inner tank of the motion sensor trash can to empty the trash.

  • The automatic trash can has a removable inner tank, no need for extra garbage bags, easy to clean.

  • The motion sensor trash can has a large size capacity with wide opening for more friendly use.

  • This motion sensor trash can has a nonskid base with smooth, consistent, quiet lid operation.

  • The sleek design of the automatic trash can is perfect for any kitchen or office décor.

  • This automatic trash can has a stainless steel barrel body, ABS cover and pressure ring.



Material: Stainless Steel

Structure: Standing

Power: 4 x AA battery (Not included)


Package Includes:

1 x Motion Sensor Trash Can