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Trigger Lock

Prevent Tampering & Accidental Discharge Of Your Gun With Trigger Lock

Are you looking for a device which will provide firearm safety? Most gun owners hide their firearms from sight. But no matter how careful they try to be, accidents can still happen. Trigger Lock provides gun owners with an extra measure of security against unauthorized access or tampering by children. The trigger lock is easy to attach and lock. This trigger lock feature a zinc alloy body for maximum durability. It fits wider trigger guards, and the special cushioned pads protect the gun's finish from being scratched or marred. The most convenient and best trigger lock on the market!

Trigger Lock - Efficient Firearm Safety System


  • Rubber pads line the interiors of the trigger lock to guard against scratching
  • This is the best trigger lock that fits most handguns, rifles, and shotguns.
  • The trigger lock has durable zinc alloy body resist tampering.
  • Standard trigger lock prevents accidental firing.
  • Keyed-alike trigger lock and 2 keys included.