UFO Magic Ball

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UFO Magic Ball

UFO Magic Ball - The Coolest Toy To Have Endless Amounts Of Fun Outside!

Do you want to surprise your children with a special toy? UFO Magic Ball looks like a ball, but it can actually be transformed into a flat UFO, which you can use as a Frisbee.

This ball is the most awesome ball for playing catch. Just toss it to your opponent and it will return to its original ball form while in flight. The UFO magic ball adds fun and excitement of the gameplay.

A Unique Toy To Make Your Kids Play Time More Fun & Exciting


  • COMPACT FOR A GREAT TIME ANYWHERE: UFO magic ball provides a comfortable grip for active play, a smooth frisbee to throw. It provides a surprise transformation which adds fun to gameplay or just having a catch. You can play it with your kids, friends on the beach, or garden.

  • THROW IT AS A DISC & CATCH LIKE A BALL: The UFO magic ball transforms from a flying disc to a ball when thrown. Use your hands forced to the middle of the UFO magic ball, it takes shape of a UFO (flying discs) and then throws it out.

  • QUALITY MATERIAL: This flying UFO magic ball soft, flexible ABS material, durable. Non-toxic and lightweight, good quality for a long time serving.