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Vacuum Ear Cleaner

Start Cleaning Your Ear Safely With Portable Vacuum Ear Cleaner!

Are you looking for a safe way to clean and maintain healthy ears? Our Vacuum Ear Cleaner provides a 360 degree round inhale, and it has a safe length to protect your eardrum effortlessly.

Manual ear cleaning is not easy to search the earwax cause you can't see it. So this vacuum ear cleaner is here to help you with that. Just press the button of the ear cleaner, then insert carefully and gently into your ear canal. The ear cleaner will vibrate and inhalant the earwax into the vacuum. Stubborn attached to the ear can also be clean after the suction, like a vacuum cleaner. The safest way to ensure healthy ears!

A Must-Have Ear Cleaning Tool For Maintaining Your Ear Hygiene!


  • DURABLE & EASY TO CLEAN: The vacuum ear cleaner is attached with a small brush for easy cleaning. It’s powered by a replaceable AAA battery (Not Included).

  • EXQUISITE DESIGN: The vacuum ear cleaner is based on ergonomic design. The sucker is 2.5cm and helps you to remove cerumen quickly.

  • QUALITY MATERIAL: The ear cleaner is made of high-quality PP material. It’s suitable for both adults and children.

  • SAFE & EFFECTIVE: The vacuum ear cleaner has a slight vibration while working. It’s safe and comfortable to use.

  • EASY TO OPERATE: Press the power button of the vacuum ear cleaner to start working and loose for the stop.