Portable Disinfectant Washer

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Portable Disinfectant Washer

Portable Disinfectant Washer - Power Saving Device For Doing Laundry & Keep You Away From Bacteria

Have you faced the awkward moment that you always cannot wash the small dirt? Our Portable Disinfectant Washer is the perfect solution for doing laundry in a compact environment.

An Innovative Solution To Remove Dirt, Debris & Chemicals Effectively


  • ADVANCED ULTRASONIC: This vegetable washing machine has advanced ultrasonic technology with hydro-electric motors cleans dirt, debris, and chemicals at the microscopic level. Save water, power, and money without adding detergent washing chemical.

  • LIGHTWEIGHT & PORTABLE: The vegetable cleaner can be put into pocket or handbag. You can take it with you when traveling and clean your cloth anytime, especially on your travel. A safe and reliable device to keep the bacteria, dust mites away.

  • 99.8% STERILIZATION: This is a non-polluting, non-additive disinfecting laundry device with strong sterilization function. Compared with traditional washing machines, this ultrasonic washer disinfects better while also being eco-friendly.

  • EASY TO USE: Simply place the vegetable cleaner device into a sink with 3L of water. With advanced ultrasonic cleaning technology, you can effectively clean clothing, vegetables, fruits, jewelry and more.

  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL: This vegetable washing machine removes tough stains from clothes and effectively sanitize fruits/vegetables from chemicals and pesticides.


  • Power supply: USB
  • Operating voltage: 5V
  • Working current: 1A
  • Working power: 10W
  • Waterproof rating: IP66
  • Size: 102 X 55 X 21mm / 4.02 X 2.17 X 0.83 "

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Portable Disinfectant Washer
  • 1 x User Manual