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Window Cleaning Hose Attachment

Clean Quickly & Effortlessly With The All-Purpose Window Cleaning Hose Attachment!

Looking for a convenient window cleaner? This all-purpose outdoor window cleaner comes with a reusable spray bottle with an adjustable aluminum nozzle and shut-off valve for efficient cleaning.

No ladder needed with the unique engineered bottle, clean and rinse in one step. It reaches up to 27-feet away for easy cleaning, attaches to any garden hose. This outdoor window cleaner is a multi-purpose and convenient cleaning system.

Window Cleaning Hose Attachment Helps To Clean Windows Quickly And Effortlessly So You Can Stay Hassle Free And Do Other Works Conveniently


  • EFFICIENT CLEANING SYSTEM: This outdoor window cleaner has a specially engineered spray bottle with an adjustable nozzle and shut-off valve. Powerful built-in pressure sprayer reaches up to 27-feet away so you can easily clean high windows siding and more without using a ladder. 

  • SIMPLE TO USE: Simply put the full crystal cleaning powder (not included) into the specially-designed spray bottle. Add water and attach your garden hose. Perfect for any outdoor cleaning jobs.

  • MULTIPURPOSE CLEANING TOOL: This window cleaning hose attachment is a new cleaning system that quickly cleans windows, cars, RVs, boats, patio furniture, siding and more. Simply spray and rinse. 

  • REUSABLE & DURABLE: Reusable spray bottle with an aluminum nozzle. Easily attaches to any garden hose to tackle all your toughest cleaning jobs.