Wireless Doorbell

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Wireless Doorbell

Install Wireless Doorbell In A Hassle-Free Way And Never Miss A Visitor Ever Again!

Do you want a doorbell that will save you from setting up with all the tangling wires? Here we have a self-powered Wireless Doorbell kit that includes one self-powered transmitter and one plug-in receiver with LED lights. This wireless doorbell offers a 262ft wireless operating range and has the flexibility to be mounted or placed anywhere around your home. The self-powered transmitter is rated IPX7 and requires no batteries. The receiver of the wireless doorbell features 38 doorbell chimes, 4 adjustable volume levels. This is the best wireless doorbell for your convenience using and can be used in homes, offices, factories and more. 

A Perfect Doorbell To Save You From Messy Tangling Installation!


  • This wireless doorbell can be used by patients, the elderly or children conveniently to page or contact their loved ones and caretakers.
  • Flashing LED indicators on both the transmitter and the receiver provides a visible indicator in a noisy environment.
  • The self-powered transmitter of the wireless doorbell converts kinetic energy into electricity and transmit wireless signals to the receiver.
  • With an impressive IPX7 waterproof rating, the transmitter can withstand harsh and wet weather conditions.
  • The receiver offers 38 optional chimes and 4 adjustable volume levels (up to 105 dB) to suit your needs. 
  • The absence of wires makes the setup of the wireless doorbell simple and hassle-free, safe and reliable.
  • This wireless doorbell supports a wide wireless operating range of up to 262 ft in open areas.
  • No battery is required for the wireless doorbell, no hassle in buying or changing batteries.
  • Best wireless doorbell, reliable and durable, can be used around 200,000 times.
  • Triggering the signal transmission only requires a very tiny pressure of 350g.
  • Get instant audio alerts when visitors press the button on the transmitter. 
  • No pairing required, ready to go out of the box.