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Wood Essential Oil Diffuser

Create A Soothing Environment Around You & Have a Sound Sleep!

Do you want to fill your spaces with the uniquely relaxing, therapeutic cool mist of essential oils? With this unique Wood Essential Oil Diffuser, create a soothing environment at your home. This wood diffuser alleviates stress, anxiety, skin allergies, asthma and helps you to get better, more relaxing sleep every night. The wood essential oil diffuser is perfectly designed, and you can use it at home, the office, spas and massage centers. This premium quality essential oil humidifier will instantly upgrade any room’s decor, deodorize, cleanse and refresh the ambiance by adding a wonderful scent of wellness! The wood diffuser also works as a small size humidifier without essential oil to moisturize and purify the air in the living space. With few drops of natural essential oil added into the water tank, the fragrance will spread quickly in the room and will create a relaxing environment. The cool mist can also mask the odors with no chemicals depends on the essential oil.

Wood Essential Oil Diffuser Helps To Alleviate Your Stress & Relaxes You In Minutes So You Can Be Stress Free, Calm & Peaceful All the Time


  • You can use this wood diffuser as a small humidifier, fights against dryness and adds more moisture to your skin.
  • The wood diffuser is ideal for multiple places, like the living room, bedroom, Yoga room, spa room and office.
  • This wood essential oil diffuser fills your space with lovely fragrance and removes odors and smoky smell.
  • This wood diffuser has 400ml large capacity, indulges much longer time in the charming aroma.
  • The wood essential oil diffuser is made of high-quality PP/ABS/PC materials, safe and durable.
  • Energy saving: the wood essential oil diffuser shuts off automatically when water runs out.
  • The wood diffuser has 7 colors and 4 timer settings, can choose according to preference.
  • The wood diffuser whispers quietly to make sure you sleep comfortably.