Wooden Sunglasses

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Wooden Sunglasses

Get A Cool Look & Protect Your Eyes Against Harmful UV Rays With Polarized Wooden Sunglasses

Want to take your sense of style to the next level? Looking for a sweet addition to your vintage sunglass collection? Look no further! Whether you want to appear sophisticated, youthful, hip, cool, conservative or style-conscious, Wooden Sunglasses can help you shape how you are perceived. This bamboo sunglasses are designed for men and women, classic wayfarer style looks good on everyone. These wooden shades are made of high quality bamboo and feature polarized lens to protect from the UV rays. These are comfortable and lightweight sunglasses. Durable fibers and stylish profile of wood frame sunglasses will surely catch anyone's eye. Each piece comes with a high quality bamboo case to protect and clean your glasses so you always look your best. A really cool way to protect your eyes from the bright and sometimes harmful rays of the sun.

Be Bold & Confident And Stand Out In The Crowd With These Trendy Wooden Sunglasses!


  • These wooden sunglasses are using humanized one-piece nose pad with very fine radian by hand grinding and polishing to increase comfort, not easy to slip. 
  • Polarized Lens of the bamboo sunglasses provides crystal clear vision with UV protection and a scratch resistant coating.
  • These wood frame sunglasses are made with actual high quality bamboo, durable but also very stylish.
  • The temples and glasses frame possess good hardness and high strength to adjust the tightness.
  • The monocoque frame of the wooden shades is made of copper hinges and is exceptionally strong.